About Us

Western States Oilfield Products was established in 1966 in Huntington Beach, Ca.  Its roots were in Flow Metering and testing.  They soon grew in to a leader in the oil and gas industry providing a wealth of knowledge, superior products, and a well rounded sales and service staff.

A corporation began with service, quality, respect and loyalty, and we have stuck to our roots.  As a result, our customers have returned the same loyalty and satisfaction of the superior service we provide. 

In 2000, a new management and ownership took over with these same ideas and values.  Along with moving to a new location in Stanton California, some new products were added such as: Hydraulic and Mechanical Tubing anchors along with drains, Polished Rods, Sucker Rod Couplings, Valve repairs of all types, and a full line of forged steel fittings and valves for all your production needs.

Western States Oilfield Products look forward to servicing your production needs for many years to come.